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Thread: Building computer to play games

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    Re: Building computer to play games

    Quote Originally Posted by birdy View Post
    Is there a worry that the Samsung 840 EVO will not be well supported in Ubuntu since it a is a fairly new device? Another post suggests it uses new technology not yet supported in stock Ubuntu:

    Not sure if that poses any problem. Would the drive run well without support for SATA 3.1 and "queued TRIM"?

    If you read that post it says it should be fine with the 3.12 kernel. So get Saucy Salamander and update to 3.12 and if that post is right you should have no worries. Perhaps do some research to qualify that post though before doing anything.

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    Re: Building computer to play games

    Quote Originally Posted by Throbn View Post
    @Kingdude I'm pretty set on going with an ASUS motherboard, and I've been surfing NewEgg looking at all of their compatible 1150 socket models. It is so difficult to decide which one to pick! I feel like a kid in the candy store. Basically what it comes down to is I can't decide how many PCI express ports I want. I know I need one for the graphics card. Plus I need one or two empty PCI express slots next to the graphics card to allow for good heat dissipation on the graphics card fan. And then I'm trying to decide if I need any remaining PCI express slots for other expansions. A TV tuner card would be veeery cool. I've always thought having a police scanner would be a fun hobby and I just recently learned there may be a market for a scanner card that would allow my computer to act as a radio wave scanner. That would be totally **** to have on my computer with manually adjustable radio frequencies. SSD drives are able to plug in to the PCI express ports but I don't know if it would be worth the extra money to buy a SSD/PCIe over just a regular SSD/SATA? Maybe also a sound card...I don't know whether upgrading a sound card will improve sound quality over the integrated Mobo sound card or if it will just give you additional features.

    Clearly I still have a lot more research to do. Thanks for all of your contributions and posts. As always, any more comments or suggestions are greatly welcomed!
    If you're getting an SSD, always opt for the PCIe instead of SATA. They're a little more expensive, but well worth it fora great overall gain in performance.

    I suggest getting a small SSD (about 100GB) to run the operating system and important programs from, and then use a 10,000RPM 1-2TB Hard Drive for everything else.

    Also, do not forget to format your system as Btrfs. Btrfs, though TECHNICALLY still experimental, is a little more optimized for SSDs than Ext4.
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    Re: Building computer to play games

    @martialartist81 Thanks for the tip on the cooler. I don't plan on water-cooling because I'm mostly just building the computer as a learning experience and to play games. Definitely been reading up on UEFI. It has been a little bit dense and difficult to get through because I have been busy with school applications. I may have some follow up questions when I'm done researching it. Thanks for responding!

    @Danglingpointer Yep definitely going with a USB 3.0. Still not sure if I'm gonna get a UPS. My data is not so valuable where I would be heartbroken if I lost everything due to a power interruption. But then again, it would be a major pain to restore everything.

    @King Dude I have only just realized in the last few days of research that PCIe SSD's exist! Totally cool, did not know that was even available. They're definitely a bit more pricey, but I would imagine running your OS and important programs off of a PCIe SSD would give you muuuuuch better performance. Awesome tip, thanks man! Still have to read up on Btrfs and Ext4 to understand what you are referring to. Thanks for the lead!

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