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Thread: speakers not working on ubuntu 13.04 - Gazelle

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    speakers not working on ubuntu 13.04 - Gazelle

    Until recently speakers were working fine. Couple of weeks weeks back while I was watching netflx external sound stopped suddenly.
    After reboot it worked again for a few minutes eventually it stopped working all together.
    The headphones work just fine.

    I tried playing around with pulse audio. No luck so far. Any way I can figure out if its a hardware or software problem.

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    Re: speakers not working on ubuntu 13.04 - Gazelle

    If that description of the events is complete I can't see how it could be anything but hardware. I mean, the sound quit working WHILE you were listening to a media file? Not after you installed something or something like that, right? Yeah, I know theoretically it is possible that the media file could contain malware that would screw up your sound. And theoretically all the U-235 in the earth's core COULD just happen to fiss at the same time. I wouldn't bet on either.

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    Re: speakers not working on ubuntu 13.04 - Gazelle

    What do you see in System Settings > Sound > Output tab? Do you see any change when you plug/unplug the headphones?
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