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Thread: Help decrypting pgp files please

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    Question Help decrypting pgp files please

    I have moved to linux mint, I am able to sync my files using the ubuntuone app. I get a bunch of pgp files in my directory, exactly what I see on the ubuntu one site.

    My question is how do I restore all these pgp files to a folder somewhere in my system?
    I have tried the following, but this just gives me a list of files in that particular .pgp file.

    gpg -d file.gpg

    The following will create a zip file with all the files and folders, but the files are no good.

    gpg --output /home/user/ --decrypt duplicity-full.20130307T014620Z.vol100.difftar*
    If anybody can tell me what I'm doing wrong or if I need to use some other tool to do this, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you..

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    Re: Help decrypting pgp files please

    I can offer a few thoughts:

    gpg -d file.gpg will decrypt with output sent to the terminal. If you can read it, file must have been a text file, and you are looking at its decrypted contents.

    If it were not a text file, you would see decrypted but still unreadable output (for example, if it were an encrypted image, or an encrypted compressed archive).

    gpg -o filename -d filename.gpg will decrypt filename.gpg back to the original, filename. I leave the extension when encrypting so that I know what kind of file I am dealing with. For example,

    gpg -c statesecrets.tar.gz

    will encrypt to statesecrets.tar.gz.gpg by default

    Later, when decrypting, you would know it is an encrypted .tar.gz archive, and can name the output file accordingly.

    In your second box, was the encrypted file (duplicity.full..) originally a .zip file? Otherwise, this does not make sense to send output to

    That's really all the comment I can offer.
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    Re: Help decrypting pgp files please

    ok, I think I understand this whole encrypt/decrypt thing a little better.

    When I run this command:
    gpg --decrypt-files duplicity-full*.gpg

    I get asked for the passphrase and get a duplicity-full*.difftar file.
    I untar this file using the tar utility and get what looks to be my data, I got all exited to see some of my folders an files, however I navigate trhough the folder tree to get to a bunch of folders that have names of pictures, like img234.jpg which should be a picture, but it is now a folder with files inside it named only with numbers, 1, 2, 3..etc
    When I try to open these files with an image editor it is no use, I try opening with a text editor, to find garbled text.

    So, here is what I think, or at least drawing a conclusion from googleing, but I'm not sure. Since my computer crashed and I no longer have the keys I encrypted these files with, is what the problem is.
    If someone can confirm or give other suggestions I'll really appreciate it.



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