Hello all,

Recently I installed the amd64 version of Lubuntu 13.10 beta1 alongside my still existing installation of 10.10.

There were a few minor bugs for which I submitted bug reports and generally the system runs well except for one big problem.

At apparently random times it'll completely freeze. No keys will work, not even CTRL+ALT+DEL of the SysRq key combinations, and no disk activity as well. The only solution when this happens is to cold reboot via the reset button.

During my three years of running 10.10 on the same CPU (and one year on the same motherboard), this NEVER happened. Even now when I boot into 10.10 there are no lockups. This leads me to think if this is possibly a problem with the newer kernel and drivers (v3.11 vs v2.6.35 in 10.10) not playing well with my old hardware?

Processor is Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 1.6 GHz and mainboard is MSI G41M-P33 combo (Intel G41 chipset) for what it's worth.

The freeze-up particularly seems to happen when I close or open OpenGL apps like Flightgear or Firefox. I tested the RAM with Memtest86 and it is fine. I'm thinking it is a combination of flaky mainboard hardware and the new kernel...

Would downgrading to Precise help? Everything is fine except for this issue...