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Thread: Can't get DNS resolution from Router

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    Can't get DNS resolution from Router

    Hello all,
    I having a bit of trouble getting name resolution on the internet.
    The trouble started after I upgraded from Precise to Quantal yesterday, x86_64 on both distros, currently using kernel 3.5.0-41generic.
    My router is a Netgear wndr4000 running dd-wrt, configured to use dnsmasq and openDNS servers (,
    I highly doubt the problem is with the router, as I have two wireless laptops, one running openSUSE 12.3 and the other running Windows 7, both able to surf without any issues. The only other difference here is that the Ubuntu machine is a direct ethernet connection.
    I did not have this problem before upgrading to Quantal. The internal router IP is
    dh@dh-desktop:~$ nmcli dev list iface eth0 | grep IP4
    IP4.ADDRESS[1]:                         ip =, gw =
    dh@dh-desktop:~$ ping
    ping: unknown host
    dh@dh-desktop:~$ ping
    ping: unknown host
    Of course, visiting these websites gives me a "Firefox can't find the server at ...." error.
    I do get DNS resolution when I connect via VPN, which uses its own name service.

    All other local network functionality is fine. I am able to use SMB service (by IP only) and connect to a NAS device.

    I'm stumped. Everything looks fine, but this Ubuntu machine can't get name resolution fron the router.
    Thanks for your ideas and suggestions!

    On the off chance that it was something related to the wired connection, I wired up the Suse laptop to the router on different IP than the wlan connects to, and got DNS. I even tried obscure webpages I never visit, just to make sure it wasn't pulling cached lookups. I'm really beginning to suspect something went afoul with the upgrade.
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