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Thread: Help transferring files

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    Help transferring files


    First off, if you respond please put everything in layman's terms as I am not savvy with some computer areas. I am in desperate need of help and have searched so many ancient threads to no avail.

    My Macbook crashed awhile back and instead of spending an insane amount of money to get the files off of it I thought I would try my hand with Ubuntu. No need to post an opinion on whether or not this is a good idea, I simply have no other choice. So as I said, I would like to get my files off of my Mac side to an external hard drive using Ubuntu. I have installed Ubuntu onto a different flash drive and have tried booting up my computer to access the Mac files through it; however, I am not able to see the local drive for my Mac side under devices. I'm hoping someone can be kind enough to walk me through this with as much description as possible. Also I CAN NOT risk losing these mac files as it is several years of data, so if there is any way to get them onto an external hard drive I would be forever grateful! Please help if you can.

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    Re: Help transferring files

    Duplicate - closed.
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