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Thread: Ubuntu1 as storage only

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    Ubuntu1 as storage only

    Hi, I'd like to use U1 as a place to keep stuff (evernote/dropbox/etc, but it seems to assume I want to sync: everything and soon uses up my 5GBs. I can cut off 'sync' but on restart it's there again.
    Is there a way to solve this please.............thanks

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    Re: Ubuntu1 as storage only

    Welcome to the forums!

    The best way to stop synchronizing a folder with Ubuntu One is to go to the web site , click on the "More" link next to the folder you want to stop synchronizing and click on the "Stop synching this folder" link.
    Also it sounds like your U1 is setup to automatically sync the entire home folder. You might want to look into reconfiguring your U1 to only user the Ubuntu1 folder instead of the entire home directory.

    File Sync Basics Ubuntu One

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Ubuntu1 as storage only

    Thanks for your help - it worked,


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