I'm wondering if anyone here has tried/completed an installation of Ubuntu 12.04LTS on a Dell Inspiron 8600? I tried to DL from a live cd and everytime, the laptop becomes unresponsive about 5 minutes into installation. I wake the screen, which takes a solid minute to do so, and then I have to very quickly, select the dl icon on the desktop. At this point, the circle appears, as if it has started the action, then I get horizontal lines across the top of the screen and nothing happens, except that the desktop disappears. This isn't my primary computer, my desktop is, but I need this laptop to work for my other projects. It still has Windows XP, because I haven't even made it to the step to do a clean install of Ubuntu. Also, I know my video card and all other hardware is working correctly, because I can still use XP with no problems. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!