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Thread: Updating Ubuntu- IBM T40

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    Re: Updating Ubuntu- IBM T40

    Please run

    sudo lshw -sanitize > lshw.txt
    and post lshw.txt in CODE tags.
    About problems due to upgrading
    Bringing old hardware back to life.
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    Re: Updating Ubuntu- IBM T40

    Instead of updating and upgrading, backup your personal data and make a fresh installation, because it is much easier. Try either of or One Button Installer

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    Re: Updating Ubuntu- IBM T40

    Quote Originally Posted by rainerfeyer View Post
    Hello All,

    Newbie here for sure - love your forum!

    Just installed Ububtu 11 on my IBM T40 - runs very well, but states it is not supported anymore and asks to be updated.
    I am afraid that an update would cripple my T40 which does not have High Memory support (can't remember the term but sounded like PSA - and I know it has nothing to do with the prostate).

    Thanks in advance,

    Hello and welcome!


    Ubuntu Wiki - PAE:

    Fake PAE:

    I'd suggest using Lubuntu 12.04 but I know someone here will strongly disagree with this suggestion so to save time, without going to deep technical discussion and endless argument, you may want to tell us what exactly are you going to use that machine for?

    I have a P4 machine with less than 512MB RAM and 40GB IDE HDD, sitting 1.5m away from me, has two systems: Ubuntu 10.04 and Lubuntu 12.04 and I am not using this machine for daily tasks, I keep it just to play with it whenever I'm bored as I love Ubuntu 10.04 a lot. I do know that both versions are technically outdated but because I know what I am doing with that machine, I would worry less whether the version is supported or not.

    Ubuntu 10.04 EOL:

    Does 12.04 LXDE have LTS?

    Lubuntu vs Ubuntu:

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