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Thread: Username Fix

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    Username Fix

    A while ago, I signed up for a new Launchpad account with my new(er) email address.
    For some reason at the time, it didn't matter to me that my username was "me-0" instead of "kdude63".
    I disassociated that email with that account, and linked it with my old account. (which the username is kdude63)
    It even says that's my username upon logging in... but continues to show me as "me-0".
    Is there any way I could have this changed?

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    Re: Username Fix

    Thread moved to Resolution Centre.

    If you mean - I used to have an account here called kdude63 then you need to set the mail address at to the gmail one AND set it as preferred - I've disassociated this account. So change that then log back in here and it will be to that account.

    If you mean can I have this account changed to kdude63 - the answer is no, it belongs to someone else.

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