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Thread: Kickstarter: U55 - End of the Line

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    Kickstarter: U55 - End of the Line

    U55 - End of the Line

    U55 – END OF THE LINE is a survival horror adventure set in the subway system of modern-day Berlin. The game will be developed for Windows. Sticking to the tried and true lore created by H.P. LOVECRAFT, we aim for an immersive urban horror experience on an unprecedented scale. We want to recreate the classic “cosmic horror” setting of diabolical entities breaking into reality and bring it to life with the help of subliminal sounds. What humanity believes to be regulated by the laws of nature is only true until nameless forces start swaying over the world.
    If this reaches the $145,000 stretch goal, it will be ported to Linux. This game has full Oculus Rift VR support.
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    As someone who regards HPL as the original Kilgore Trout (see Kurt Vonnegut), a writer with great ideas and pretty lousy technique (besides, HPL was a vicious racist and woman hater), this indeed looks pretty promising, and (once I have some cash two days after my 65th birthday (see the numbers at the end of my handle)), I'm going to back this sucka!

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    Re: Kickstarter: U55 - End of the Line

    Looks fantastic! Gonna have to back this one after pay day!

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