Hi there,
Well, I had successfully compiled EDK2 as per the UEFI/EDK2-Ubuntu guide. It got me a bit well versed in EDK 2 Build environments, building OVMF images and so on.Since my intentions were in the building the CorebootPkg I navigated furthur & got help from Patrick Georgi' s EDK 2-Coreboot-Pkg. I used the https clone URL to clone the EDK 2 repository.
I used the following at the terminal
 git clone https://github.com/pgeorgi/edk2.git
After it got cloned the Coreboot Package was not present at all. I tried to download the zipped file provided but it just ended abruptly at 2.0 MB.
So where is my mistake ? Is it in the cloning or something else

Any help would be greatly appreciated......