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Thread: username is now full name. please revert

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    username is now full name. please revert

    Dear Admin,

    my username used to be Tomaasj. It is now t-csikos.

    Could you please change it back to Tomaasj.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: username is now full name. please revert

    It's not as simple as that.

    You need to set the e-mail address at to be the same as the mail address for the forum account.

    Please also give us the url for the account you say is yours.

    Once you have set with the right address and set it as preferred you should be able to login.

    PM me from the tomaasj account and I will rename and deal with this dupe account.

    I have now disassociated this one from SSO.
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    Please do not PM me about Registration issues without having been asked to. I will tell you to post here


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