Hi All. I recently purchased a used Asus p5s800-vm/s motherboard from ebay.It came bundled with a Pentium 4 CPU and 2GB Rendition ddr400 RAM. My OS of choice was Lubuntu 13.04. Early in the installation process the monitor screen began to flash, strobe fashion, as the system struggled to start the X server. It was accompanied by the error message: "Stopping CPU interrupts Balancing Daemons". So I googled for info and discovered that this was caused by a bug with the Lubuntu installation slide show. I managed to install another Linux distro, but could only get low-res graphics (600 x 800) from the onboard vga with pulsing "waves" travelling travelling down the display. Next I swapped the monitor for an ordinary 15" 1024 x 748 LCD type and adjusted the phase control, same result. So I installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid with an Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics card and the proprietary driver. Now it was a black screen with an error message saying it was "unable to display this resolution"

Now I've tested the RAM modules and they are fine, the monitor is good too, so I believe I've probably bought a dud mobo.

However, could you tell me please: Is it possible for the graphical mayhem on installing Lubuntu to have taken out the mobo's onboard graphics rendering them only able to display at low-res?

In the board's manual it says about the graphics:
"SIS Ultra-AGPIITM Technology
Outstanding graphics performance is achieved with the Ultra-AGPIITM
technology that enables a VGA throughput of 3.2GB/s with DDR400
significantly increasing the 2.1GB/s speed provided by AGP8X."

Thanks for any advice you may have.