Not new to ubuntu, mint, etc but completely new to Mythbuntu and my new Hauppauge. Have been trying to set up the Hauppauge HD PVR on a dual core machine dedicated entirely to Mythbuntu 12.04.2 desktop amd64. My intent is solely to be able to copy programs from the dvr on my dish receiver to my computer via the included Hauppauge usb cable to watch later on my media player (to get the shows off my dish receiver's dvr/pvr as it often locks up and I lose all shows doing a complete power off reset.) I have been following the setup procedure I found in a MythTV Quick Start Guide and I have found the Hauppauge and entered it as a capture card. I cannot however use a static ip address as suggested, since my cable isp service will only work with dynamic. Is a fixed ip absolutely necessary for Mythbuntu to work? Also considering my simple recording requirements do I need to subscribe to and use Schedules Direct? Unless I am mistaken I do not need access to all of the available channels I am subscribed to on the dish, but only to the shows I have already recorded on my dish receiver's dvr. Not sure where to go from here. Many thanks.