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Thread: Root Login Username & Password Problem

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    Root Login Username & Password Problem

    I am ubuntu lover. I have used eralier Ubuntu flavour 9.10, 11.4 and 12.4 LTS, and now 13.4. Not very expert in using ubuntu commands and not having indepth knowledge.
    I have installed Ubuntu 13.4 directly from online along with windows 7. I am unable to login as Root User as I dont know what is my user name and password. Username & Password given at the time of initial installation process does not works. I am only able to login as guest user.
    I have been not able access my storage droves, install updates and necessary required plugins as authentication by admin/root user is required to perform these action.
    I have searched for this problem, and solution suggests to select Recovery Mode during boot.
    In my case, Recovery Mode selection prompt / screen doesnot apear during startup. Instead that one single line information "Mount: can't read '/proc/mounts/ No such file or directory". Thereafter ubuntu login screen apears.
    Request help and guidence please.

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    Re: Root Login Username & Password Problem

    Moved to General Help forum.

    Sorry, I don't know what to do if Recovery Mode doesn't work.

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    Re: Root Login Username & Password Problem

    Did you use Wubi to install 13.04?

    Edit: The reason I ask is because Wubi has been discontinued after 12.04. One of the many symptoms of using Wubi to install 13.04 is that you can only log in as guest. You also said, "I have installed Ubuntu 13.4 directly from online along with windows 7." which led me to think you may have used Wubi.
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    Re: Root Login Username & Password Problem

    May I suggest a simple solution? As this is a new installation and you have data on storage drives separate from Ubuntu, you should re-install. By the way, in 13.04 we find Recovery Mode when we select Advanced Options for Ubuntu at the Grub boot menu. This is different from 12.04 and earlier.

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