Hi All,

Posting this question here because I really don't know where's the best place to ask this, and there's a good chance that someone here will have an answer. Asking Facebook directly and getting an answer is close to impossible.

I have configured my Pidgin to connect to Facebook's chat using XMPP, as per their instructions.
It works fine, however, I getting email very frequently when my Pidgin connects or re-connects to Facebook Chat. Usually when I move from wire to wireless connection. The emails are very generic and unhelpful, they usually go like this:
It looks like someone logged into "Facebook Chat" on Thursday, 22 August 2013 at 09:04.
If this was you, please disregard this email.
If this wasn't you, please secure your account, as someone else may be accessing it.
The Facebook Security Team

No source IP, no XMPP resource name.... nothing. The first time I got worried, so I changed my passwords and the whole lot... I then changed the password a second time but then realized it wasn't that someone else was using it, it was my Pidgin re-connecting.

Is anyone else getting this?
Does anyone know why this is happening?
Does anyone know how to avoid this?

Thanks very much.