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Thread: Hiding the taskbar

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    Hiding the taskbar

    Is there any way to hide the dash and taskbar only when a window is open?

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    Re: Hiding the taskbar

    You need to use more accurate names. I have been using Ubuntu with Unity ever since it first came out and that was about two years ago. The Dash has always been hidden until activated by a mouse click or a key press. I have never seen the top panel disappear except when I am using a web browser (or other application) to watch video and I select full screen mode.

    Are we talking about the same things? If my memory serves me well, it used to be possible to set the Launcher to be nudged out of the way when a window was maximised. That is no longer possible with the default tools that come with Ubuntu.

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    Re: Hiding the taskbar

    When the hide-on-maximize option was first removed from the Unity Launcher, there was a patched version of Unity that bright it back available in a PPA. However, I think that has been discontinued, as well.

    Since the top panel of Unity serves as the title bar and menu bar for maximized Windows, having it automatically hidden seems odd for normal use.

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    Re: Hiding the taskbar

    For unity desktop, you auto hide the launcher bar
    Right Click the desktop and click Change Background and go to Behaviour tab, and switch it on the Auto-hide the Launcher.

    Fol old style desktop you can right click the task bar or try to find the property of the task bar here you can configure auto hide feature.

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