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Thread: Noise cancellation in PulseAudio (for Skype)

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    Noise cancellation in PulseAudio (for Skype)

    I have a problem with Skype: there is a high level of noise in my microphone (20-30%) when I'm talking via Skype. Skype for Windows has software noise cancellation, so it works fine, but Skype for Linux hasn't.

    I've found that there is a PulseAudio module webrtc-aec for noise and echo cancellation (described here:
    How can I enable it in Ubuntu 13.04?

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    Re: Noise cancellation in PulseAudio (for Skype)

    Late in the day, but can help others. Got the webrtc plugin working with pulseaudio in Ubuntu/Mint with good results. See:

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