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Thread: Restoring a Unix Tar File with Ubuntu

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    Restoring a Unix Tar File with Ubuntu

    I have all of these old DDS3 and DDS4 tapes that I need to restore the files off of. The only information that I really know is that they were put on the tapes about 10 to 20 years ago using Digital Unix. They are in a Tar file format. I have been using Ubuntu 13.04 to try to restore these files but I've had zero success so far. I have really no idea how to get these files off of here. A couple of commands that we've tried in terminal are:

    /media/archive/SCSI/Linux$ sudo dd if=/dev/st0 ibs=128k | tar -vxf -

    sudo tar - xzf /dev/st0 /media/archive/SCSI/Linux

    /media/archive/SCSI/Linux is what I am trying to restore to and st0 is the Tape Drive name

    Please help me out!!
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