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Thread: Ubuntu One for Windows doesn't upload anything

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    Ubuntu One for Windows doesn't upload anything


    I have two problems with the Windows version of Ubuntu One:
    • Files which are added to a folder which is synched with Ubuntu One are ignored under Windows
    • The "ubuntuonesynchdaemon.exe" process eats up an insane amount of processor time continuously. Even when the machine is running for a long time it still uses up 25% of a CPU without doing anything.
    • The total of four processes Ubuntu One starts consume more than 100MB of resident memory together. That makes the service more expensive than iTunes while it is synching an iPhone.
    • Ubuntu One rands havoc with drag and drop under windows. For example if I drop a file on my windows desktop it doesn't show there while Ubuntu One is running, even though it is there according to Explorer windows.

    Files which I add to a share under Ubuntu appear normally in the synched folder and even Windows fetches them, it just doesn't work the other way around. All the problems occur on both my Windows boxes, one Windows 8 and one Windows 7.

    Does anyone know whether there is anything that I may do about it? I've already tried removing Ubuntu One and re-installing it altogether but to no avail.

    For comparison: The second process on the list, iTunes is just synching an iPhone, synching meta data on music playlists with its master server and checking its master server for available downloads...
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