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Thread: Incompatible with ubuntu 12.10 and above

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    Exclamation Incompatible with ubuntu 12.10 and above

    Hello all i currently have ubuntu 12.04.2 installed on my laptop (13.10 daily on my desktop) I have a problem with my laptop it will not install ANYTHING above 12.04 no 12.10, no 13.04, no 13.10. its really getting me mad i like new features. Anything above 12.04 wont boot nomodeset or not. It just goes to a black screen. Its making me mad any help will be appreciated. Would just like to get atleast 12.10 and would like 13.04. Im posting my specs below. Thank you in advance the great forumers.

    Specs : Hp dv6 Entertainment Edition
    CPU: A4-3305M
    GPU:Intergated 6480G
    Ram: 4GB 1333
    System: 64bit

    12.04 is very graphical glitchy when i boot up but i can see ehnough i can download the propriotory drivers from and install them, then im good to go. Thanks Again.

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    Re: Incompatible with ubuntu 12.10 and above

    You know that you can just upgrade your distrubution to 12.10 (and then upgrade again so you can get 13.04) right?

    But if you really wish to perform a clean install A simple workaround would be to use the text-installer, I'm not sure if you get that option with 13.04 or not, but if you don't just download the server-edition instead, and then use apt-get to install ubuntu-desktop.

    Hope this helps you out a bit.

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