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Thread: warning in terminal re. gedit

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    warning in terminal re. gedit

    If I run gedit from a terminal, I see:
    [05:18 PM] ~ $ gedit
    ** (gedit:2957): WARNING **: Could not load Gedit repository: Typelib file for namespace 'GtkSource', version '3.0' not found
    [05:18 PM] ~ $
    This is with gedit 3.8.3 on Lubuntu 13.10.

    gedit runs without any visible issues but is this something I can fix?

    I have /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0 with "styles" and "language-specs" as its subfolders.
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    Re: warning in terminal re. gedit

    There are a number of packages in Ubuntu synaptic with "Typelib files for package name" in the description ,but no exact match in Ubuntu anyway. I notice that many are not installed and it might be worth looking there.
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