I am looking for pointers on a) a program that runs on ubuntu server, or b) a how-to of scripts/descriptions to pull and sync files on XP, W7 machines as backups. I am looking for something easy to configure and use. My intention is to run ubuntu server with two identical disks as storage volumes, one mirroring the other. I plan on using mdadm to configure and manage the two disks as RAID1.

I would like a program to run on the server that will periodically check the windoz machines on the local network and essentially synch the files.
Ideally, I'd like the files on the server to be automatically compressed, and when I restore them, have them automatically decompressed.

I'd also like to look at the backups on the server and open them if necessary, I plan on adding a light weight GUI to the server config (or even a web based broswer (Webmin?)

I've looked at PCBackup (tried it and resulted in strange behavior - I don't trust it), and amanda - way overkill for what I want.
Suggestions/critiques welcomed.