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Thread: Display message on remote computer via ssh

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    Display message on remote computer via ssh


    We are switching from Ubuntu to Xubuntu 12.04 but one of the scripts that we have written no longer works under Xubuntu.

    Under Ubuntu at the terminal I can run the command 'who' and see the display number for each user.

    The script would ssh into the machine and call another script. The script on the remote computer would get the display number from the who command and use yad to display a message (it exporting the display).

    Under Ubuntu this works but running the who command on Xubuntu does not show the display numbers.

    I've tried exporting :0. :1 etc... but I have a feeling that XFCE does things differently.

    So does anyone know of a solution how can I display a message via ssh on a remote machine, or maybe something else to look at.
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