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I'm envious of your time(s), but the size does seem enormous.

Well, I'm giving 3.11-rc1 another shot.

First try didn't last for 30 seconds before hard-locking. I misspelled "enabled" (left the 'd' off the end)

Second try has lasted 15 minutes, so far, after disabling Zswap in the kernel boot parameters.

See what happens...


Okay, that's it. Lasted 49 minutes, this time.

I figured out a way to crash 3.11-rc1 every time, on this machine -- goto ->FB and play a Zynga flash game in Firefox. BooM! Repeatable time-after-after. LoL!

Patiently awaiting rc2...
Thanks for the heads-up Vin.

Can't remember why, but I've been using nvidia-304-updates for quite a long time now. This wouldn't build when I first installed 3.11-rc1, but thanks to one of your earlier posts I switched to nvidia-304 (the xorg-edgers version) and that did build ok.

I also experienced some hard lock-ups last night (during some package updates). I don't think it's necessarily or specifically because of the new kernel in my case because:

1) A few times during this cycle I can definitely remember getting exactly the same problem with earlier kernels when upstart was being upgraded from the desktop (as opposed to in recovery mode)

2) I only run fluxbox from a text login usually and I don't use a swap partition (or a swap file). I find that I rarely get near usiing even half of my paltry 2GB of RAM so I don't think the zram thing could be affecting me.

3) This old box actually has ECC RAM so I'm fairly confident my RAM is ok

No hard-lock-ups tonight I'm pleased to say...

Just feeling a little more cautious with updates at the moment!