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Thread: [Lyx & jabref] Bibliography problem

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    [Lyx & jabref] Bibliography problem

    Hy everyone,

    I'm an Ubuntu beiginner. I'm using Lyx to write a paper. For my bibliography I imported a .bib file created with Jabref. I'm facing 2 problems regarding the rendering of the bibliography.

    1) While I'm using Jabref I have problems with the "author field". I want to visualize the author in the format "last name, first letter of the first name" but I'm not able to do it. For instance, if I insert "Harrison, J." in the final references it appears "J. Harrison, title of the book" (the letter of the name is before the last name and it should be the opposite). I thought that I could reverse the two and I typed "J., Harrison" in the field box but, while this solves the problem in the References section, it creates a new problem for the citation because instead of appearing the last name of the author it appears just the first letter of the name (instead of "Harrison 2001" it appears "J. 2001").

    2) I'm not able to set the order in which the fields has to appear in the References section. I need a format like this: "Last name, first letter of the first name, year, title, editor" but instead i have "last name, first letter of the first name, title, editor, year". Is there a way to change the position of the different fields?

    I've tried to look in lyx user's guide, in jabref help section and in a bunch of forums but I haven't been able to find a solution. Can you help me?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: [Lyx & jabref] Bibliography problem

    I havn't used lyx or jabref but when i look at the jabref main page it says jabref is totally based on bibtex. For bibtex you can find a wiki book which describes how to customize the referance style. Try to go through I am sure you can sortout this. If I can find my old files I will let you know how the bibtex styles were edited.


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