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Thread: lost partition during installation

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    lost partition during installation

    I am in big trouble! Please someone help me.
    I installed ubuntu on my windows, and I lost all other partition. I checked about this on net, and I found Gparted liveCD. when I used fdisk -l, and proceed with analysis, it founds the number of heads is wrong due to partition overlaps. Now I don't want my partition back, but I need the data on the partition. So can anyone here help me?

    Please help me, I am in huge trouble

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    Re: lost partition during installation

    There are data Linux recovery tutorials and different applications for the job . They all recommend to stop using the device/computer immediately. If you are using that computer find another to monitor your thread and search Linux data recovery.
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    Re: lost partition during installation

    For info on UEFI boot install & repair:
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