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Thread: ubuntu to Windows 7 desktop conversion

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    ubuntu to Windows 7 desktop conversion

    I have done a recent conversion of my desktop to get the look and feel of Windows 7 on Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS.
    using the instructions on
    I was able to change the background image but the ubuntu sidebar at the left hand side remains.

    I have been warned not to do the XFCE xubuntu-desktop conversion as I have been warned that it makes the
    system unstable and degrades performance. I also was getting errors when trying to deploy it.

    Is there any other method i can deploy safely that will get the task bar at the bottom of the screen and icons identical in look and feel to
    the windows 7 set-up. If there is anything better than xubuntu please recommend.

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    Re: ubuntu to Windows 7 desktop conversion

    The gnome-session-fallback will use existing Ubuntu applications and deploys a top and bottom panel . The menu and indicators can be moved to the bottom panel, but it might get a little crowded with the window list if the top panel is removed.

    The XFCE4 session and goodies package combination is much lighter than the Xubuntu desktop, but does bring some applications with it. Kubuntu is the most Win like in terms of bottom panel and menu layout.

    The icons at the link below have gone missing and it may have been copy right related. ??
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