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Thread: Unable to Edit/Create Pages in

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    Unable to Edit/Create Pages in

    I m trying to a create a new page for me and write about my contributions in, but I am always getting "You are not allowed to edit this page" error. I have active lauchpad account and even I have changed my passwords several times and tried editing again. No use?

    Any help on this?

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    Re: Unable to Edit/Create Pages in

    Thread moved to The Cafe. is definitely the right place to create your wiki.

    Sometimes it works to login on a different page then go to the new one.

    Try making sure you are logged in while viewing this one

    Then go to (for example- change name to suit)

    If it's a new page you should get the option to create a new page.

    The SSO login for the wiki can be temperamental at best ...


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