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Sorry but you are confused. In Ubuntu GNOME, please install gnome-panel (or gnome-session-flashback). Log out and you'll see that there are two different and separate sessions: GNOME Classic and GNOME Flashback.
Okay, but does the Gnome-Classic look like Gnome-Classic in that screenshot in #9? There is a mixture of menus there, and if you click on the "Applications", you get typical Gnome shell Applications view, but with fixed 4 workspaces. The Dash is there too, so what's the difference between the Gnome (Shell) session & the Gnome-Classic session in it? What is the use of the unresponsive bottom panel, if I can get a task bar as a gnome extension in the top panel, just as its in the Gnome (Shell) session?

Gnome Flashback looks very much like the old Gnome 2, whereas the Gnome-Classic doesn't.