New user (very new) Ubuntu 12.04 64bit ..fresh install from book CD and updated.

Browse network only shows a Windows Network, that when clicked shows nothing (after grinding away for 10 seconds or so).
The local area network has a NAT storage (old LinkStation), an ip printer and two Windows boxes.
I shared the public folder (samba installed).
The windows machines can see and access files I put in there.
Ubuntu found and uses the network printer with no problem.
Doesn't 'see' the devices on the network.

The 'Browse Network' worked one brief time and saw all the devices attached to the Linksys Router.
That was two days ago ... Install is 5 days old.

Periodically I get a:
Unable to mount location
DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Mountpoint Already registered
When attempting to open the Windows network.
Maybe caused by my clicking frenzy..
Reboot and the error doesn't appear ... just nothing appears in the window.,

I can live with no communication with the Windows boxes (though I find it very strange they can see and use the Ubuntu share), I do need access to the NAT drive.
What did I break?
And how do I go about fixing it?