Hello. I have a Lenovo X130e I'm trying to get working with a GPT partition table. It seems as if no matter what I try, once the installation is complete (Ubuntu GNOME 13.04) and reboot, the system goes into a reboot mode until it ultimately comes up with operating system not found. The BIOS seems very simple with no advanced configurations, but there is a toggle with UEFI/Legacy, which I have been working with.

Originally I tried this partitioning layout with UEFI disabled:


But it didn't work.

Now, I'm trying this partitioning layout, but this time with UEFI enabled:


Problem is, it too goes into a reboot loop once the installation is complete.

My goal: To use a GPT partition table and manually set up my partitions for a successful boot with UEFI or without UEFI, I don't care, just as long as I'm on Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 with a GPT partition table.

So, if the above did not work, what is the missing ingredient? What step did I do wrong? Clearly I have to be missing something...

Thank you!