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Thread: usb mobil internet stick

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    usb mobil internet stick

    I am a new born when it comes to ubuntu never played with it ever I have a bell mobility internet stick when I type lsusb it see it but won't accses it I also have a verizon stick it see that one also but don't know wow to access it first time on forum. but my internal wifi card works fine just have to use free wifi.

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    Re: usb mobil internet stick

    Plug in either stick, wait ten seconds, then go to the Network Manager icon at the top of the screen, near the right. When you click on it you will find a menu item called "Edit Connections..."

    Go to that. Click on the Mobile Broadband tab and click Add. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the connection.

    When that is finished, go to the Network Manager icon again, but come down to the new connection you created. It will connect and then you can go on the internet.


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