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    matlab fonts


    I know that lots of people have posted about the problem with font sizes in matlab and how to solve it by installing xfonts-100dpi and xfonts-75dpi (e.g. this thread). Which worked for me.
    The issue is that those fonts are not high enough resolution. I attach 2 figures generated with the exact same code in my ubuntu (12.04) and from a colleague on windows (I think) - saved as tiff then cropped & converted to jpg for upload here. The first is the ubuntu one - very pixelated. I imagine because those fonts are 100 dpi and I saved at 300 dpi resolution (needed for publications standards...).

    Anybody has any solution for this??? like, higher resolution fonts, ways to go around this? (I know I can save as ps and then convert, but it's kind of a pain).

    Thanks a lot in advance...

    PS in case someone has matlab running on a later version, I'm interested to know if the same problem exists. I don't really want to upgrade if it doesn't fix the issue since I'd rather stay LTS.
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