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Thread: Opinions on whether ubuntuce is right for me

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    Question Opinions on whether ubuntuce is right for me

    I currently use windows and have used it most of my life but am considering making the switch to ubuntuce if it is able to help me. Basically I am a Christian with a porn addiction and really want to break the habbit. I have prayed over it but still find myself giving into the flesh and falling into sin. The internet is just to tempting for me because porngraphy is just a click away, but I need it for work, online shopping, and learning. I've tried installing filters on windows such as K9 web filter but i've found it very easy to bypass by simply deleting the bck door file and then deleting the program. Someone suggested to me UCE as it supposedly has an inbuilt porn filter? How exactly does that work? Is it easy to bypass? Can you simply download another browser and access porn? I would love my PC to be completely porn-proof so i can limit this temptation in my life. I am prepared to switch operating systems if it means that, but if its easy to get around I don't think it would be worth the effort and may as well stay on windows. Thanks so much to ever reads this and can help me achieve my goal of having a porn free internet experience, that I myself will not be able to bypass (atleast not easily without going to the extreme of reformatting the hard drive or something). I'm really excited about the potential of a 'Christian operating system' I just hope the programmer put alot of effort into the anti-porn aspect of it as I believe that is the biggest problem many Christians struggle with today when having unlimited and unrestricted access to the internet.
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    Re: Opinions on whether ubuntu is right for me


    You are not alone with the addiction. But maybe very few bother to fight, or can not help oneself. I failed three times, But have been free for a few years now.

    First, you have the will. Thanks God. Just delete all files, bookmarks. Do not hesitate, do not think twice. Delete all. Disgust them. Never look back. If something burns inside you, go to wash room, pour cold water to your head.

    Ubuntu help. Less pop up. Less temptation. Less possibility something install almost by itself.

    I am Moslem. Have switched to Ubuntu since 2009. Good Luck!

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    Re: Opinions on whether ubuntuce is right for me

    This is not a forum for finding either religious advice or psychiatric advice. I suggest seeing your clergyman or your psychiatrist.



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