Hola peoples!

I'm just posting in here as I couldn't find a forum topic related to me "coming back" so to speak.

It's been a bit and a lot has happened. In a nutshell, I was affected by Hurricane Sandy and lost just about everything living in Sayreville, NJ. My little netbook did survive, but my main computer, and old laptop were not so lucky. The laptop had an old version of Ubuntu (Koala I believe) so when you see my profile, its dated.

I installed 12.04 a little after everything happened on my netbook along with Windows 7 Starter to get myself back into the fray. I hope to catch up on all my information for Ubuntu as I also lost some written materials (Books,PDF files) so I'm kinda a Newbie all over again, but not fully. Being now unemployed indirectly from Sandy, its been 6 months of learning to live again, & consistantly learning tech to fast forward my knowledge.

Linux has always been such a open field, & my private addiction from the abyss known as Windows. Yes, I had to support it so much at my old job so I became "stagnant", but when the Android OS came around in my first smartphone, I remembered my old friend Ubuntu, and welcomed it back with open arms. I can have two loves, Ubuntu & Android, but for a desktop environment, Ubuntu is just the right fit.

If I'm able to install the new Ubuntu for one of my old smartphones, I would love to mess around with that. If not, then my netbook will just be my little "mad scientist" lab and I'll do a virtualbox install on my main new Windows 8 main home computer. I also got a tablet running ICS for Android but not sure if I can run Ubuntu/Linux on that directly. Who knows. Anything can happen.

So that's it folks. It's a start at something fresh with some old friends. Hopefully, with the communities help, I'll get back into the game and help others out with whatever knowledge I attain. Thanks for listening and talk to you all soon.