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Thread: Server issues of the most random type

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    Angry Server issues of the most random type

    Hello, my soon to be server is having a bunch of unknown issues. The cpu is an athlon dual core that i don't remember the name to, The motherboard is an asus k8n-e, 2x 2GB DDR RAM sticks, [AGP] ATI Radeon 9550 with 256 MB DDR2 RAM, an old IDE hard drive and a known good PSU.

    When I press the power button, The "Server" boots up without a post beep, does not display anything, however, the fan spins up properly, The ammount of error beeps it gives off are inconsistent, if at all. I have reset the CMOS, Tried each DIM of RAM alone, I've reseated the graphics card, as well as ALL connections. What could I be missing that could possibly get this turd up off the ground?!

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    Re: Server issues of the most random type

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    Re: Server issues of the most random type

    Is the machine clean inside? Did you blow out the dust with a real air compressor? You could have some dust under the chipsets that is causing a problem. More likely, you might have some bad capacitors that are causing shorts and not allowing the motherboard to get past POST. Any bulging or leaky capacitors? Use a magnifying glass. Sometimes the power supply puts out correct voltage, but also noise--check for AC voltage on your 3.3, 5 and 12VDC lines using a voltmeter.
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    Re: Server issues of the most random type

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