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Thread: GtkPASoundRec

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    Here is a simple sound recorder program I wrote using PulseAudio and a Gtk front end!

    I was looking for ways to record sound card output and came across an easy command line interface on the PulseAudio wiki, however I found it too cumbersome to switch back and forth between the terminal. I found it was trivial to add support for microphones, and with the power of PulseAudio you can also record individual applications

    Here is a screenshot:

    Right now the code is in a "minimally functional state", and there is also no packaging, but if you would like to try compiling it you can find the code here:

    You will need at least the following: g++, pulseaudio, Gtk+-3.0, gnome/dbus/dconf (for keybindings support)

    I'm running 12.10, and it compiles for me, but you may need to install devlopment packages

    I have tons of ideas for how it can be extended, and if you have feedback or suggestions, send me a message, or feel free to fork the code


    Examining the dbus interface in d-feet:

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    Re: GtkPASoundRec

    Not a support question. Moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.


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