I've added one more application to the list of those that use the same unreadable font in the UI. They appear to be using a font that consist entirely of Greek characters to display English words. Does anyone have any suggestion as to where I might go to to ask how to fix this? I've tried here, at a qt forum and at a VLC forum. The only response I've gotten so far was the observation that it appeared to be a problem with the font, not the language selection and that qt4 was probably the culprit.

I labeled this "all variants" because it happened to me once before when I was using the old Gnome under Lucid or Maverick and now it is happening again with Lubuntu with a Mate DE under Precise.

The only thing I can add to what I posted here
is the fact that Convertall is also affected. Can anyone comment even on whether it makes sense to attribute this to QT4? I've purged, deleted and reinistalled everything I can think of. My locale is set to English and no Greek fonts are installed according to synaptic.