Hi all,

Lately I've been having monumental problems with my work laptop!! It keeps freezing up on programs it would normally have absolutely no problem with! I'd like to say that when I first recieved this laptop a few weeks ago it was running perfectly smoothly and multitasking just fine! It was only around the time a few days ago when this aggravation started.

I can use Firefox just fine, but if I want to add an attachment to an email, or download a file... it will just blackout a bit and freeze up, then very soon after the whole computer freezes.

Same for trying to open LibreOffice files.

I have already looked extensively on how to kill programs when the mouse freezes and how to do a safer restart if necessary (as opposed to force shutdown by power button), that's not what I need help with.

I can't really do ANYTHING anymore, I need to solve the problem at the root.

Here are the things I've narrowed down as the possible causes:
1. Installation of avgd antivirus [yes, this was a huge, dumb mistake, but the IT crew at my job made me do it for protocol, so please don't tell me that it's not necessary on Linux and all, I know all that, I just need to know if this is known to be a huge problem, perhaps I should just delete it and not tell them...]

2. Opening an Ubuntu One account [takes up insane %CPU (45% just for starting up!) so I've disconnected it but it still runs at startup and I don't know how to fully get rid of it. Ubuntu One is great, really, but I guess not on this laptop]

Also, I've taken a look at the 'top' terminal command when firefox freezes and it really will freeze up on %CPU of like... 40%. Not even half!

Running 32-bit Ubuntu 13.04

And just in case this might be useful information,
Laptop type: Lenovo T60 IBM Think-Pad

Thanks for any advice at all, and please let me know if more information would be useful!
This is beyond frustrating as you can imagine >.<