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Thread: Tumblerd keeps crashing

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    Question Tumblerd keeps crashing

    EDIT: I seem to have misspelled tumblerd in the title. I can't edit that, but if I moderator could fix it up.. could potentially be important.

    I'm not sure what to make of this. Around two to three times per day, I get this popup a while after booting:

    The error and some Google search results seem to indicate some process may be eating up a lot of memory over time, but it must be happening quickly because I haven't really noticed any performance impact (but then I haven't been doing anything memory / cpu intensive either). It's because of that I don't really consider this a problem.. yet.

    I thought it be best if I just reported this in. Would be nice if the popup could be made to go away somehow. I'm running XUbuntu 12.04. It originally was a Ubuntu 12.04 installation but I migrated to Xfce to increase performance.

    Anything else anyone needs to know.. I'm here all day.
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    Re: Something called Tumberd keeps crashing.

    Tumblerd controls the thumbnailing in Thunar, i had the same problem and believe it is a known bug.
    I avoid it by not using thumbnail view in Thunar.


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    Re: Something called Tumberd keeps crashing.

    Thanks for the tip, I'll avoid using it until I see some kind of related update.

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    Re: Tumblerd keeps crashing

    Changed the title.

    Which release of Xubuntu are you using?
    About problems due to upgrading
    Bringing old hardware back to life.
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