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Thread: Permanent directory permissions

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    Permanent directory permissions

    Hey guys,

    [FYI: Searched forums before asking question]

    So this, in my mind anyways, should be a simply question.... How do i permanently set directory permissions (also recursively) on a folder to 777 that WILL NEVER change until i want them to.

    Simple enough... right?

    I tried "sudo chmod 777 -R" to solve my problem, but its persistent.

    I have a Ubuntu server setup, with a samba share, and media server that is constantly in use by the family. Everything gets dumped into /media/TheGrid on the server and accessed by windows machines and our BOXEE. Now i run rtorrent to download "stuff" for later viewing, and whenever i use the server and move files around on /media/TheGrid (SSH as root or another user) all the files i touch revert back to their "user" ownership permissions. Even when i create new directories in the samba share i lose previous permissions.

    Everytime i add a new file i need to run: chmod 777 -R /media/TheGrid otherwise i can't use it.
    Samba is set to inherit permissions.

    My buddy told me that a "sticky bit" might help me here.... but i'm not sure how to implement this.
    Do i need to create a script to keep chmod-ing???? I need a solution that will survive reboot.

    I want to create a directory that will always be 777, and when a file is added to this directory its permissions will change to 777. ALWAYS!!!

    I'm just tired of running "chmod 777" every 5 minutes.
    There has got to be a better way.

    Thx for the help.

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    Re: Permanent directory permissions

    There are samba configuration settings that automatically set the permissions for all new files and folders that are created. In /etc/samba/smb.conf, uncomment and change the following lines to suit your permission needs:
    ;   create mask = 0700
    ;   directory mask = 0700
    By default, samba allows rwx for the owner of the file folder. Change the permission sets to 777, then restart samba. All files/folders created thereafter should have 777 permissions.

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    Re: Permanent directory permissions

    First create a group:

    sudo addgroup sambatorrrentusers

    then add users to the new group

    sudo adduser myuser sambatorrrentusers
    sudo adduser user2 sambatorrrentusers
    sudo adduser user3 sambatorrrentusers
    sudo adduser user_of_torrent_server sambatorrrentusers

    Finally set the permisions to the samba shared folder

    setfacl -d -m sambatorrrentusers:rwx /your/samba/shared/dir

    After that restart the computer (It's not necessary but faster than restarting services and sessions)

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