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Thread: How to get IOS6 working with Ubuntu 13?

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    How to get IOS6 working with Ubuntu 13?

    I want to synch my iphone on IOS6 on Ubuntu 13 machine. Is it possible? Any app to do it?


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    Re: How to get IOS6 working with Ubuntu 13?

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    Re: How to get IOS6 working with Ubuntu 13?

    No, iPhones are locked to iTunes, and Apple doesn't make iTunes for Linux.

    You may be able to run Windows in Virtualbox, and iTunes on top of that.

    Alternatively, use iCloud to back up your phone to the cloud, or sell the iPhone and buy something a little less restrictive like an Android phone. Drastic step, but if you stick with Linux you will probably want a Linux-friendly phone like an Android.
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    Re: How to get IOS6 working with Ubuntu 13?

    You can do some sync using things like Dropbox and the Ubuntu One app. The latter allows you to sync photos for example.

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