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Thread: Will U1 be fixed to use tomboy?

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    Will U1 be fixed to use tomboy?

    Will U1 be fixed to use tomboy notes again? Was just wondering about this because that was one of the main reasons I use U1. No I don't buy music No I don't buy a lot of programs on software certer ether. I mainly use U1 for my tomboy notes & I would very much like to use it again for that very reason. Also this should be fixed.
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    Re: Will U1 be fixed to use tomboy?

    Unfortunately it seems like you're out of luck with Tomboy - U1 sync. According to the Ubuntu One blog :

    By the end of February 2013 we will cease syncing Tomboy Notes to U1, meaning U1 won’t transfer your notes between computers. Those of you still using U1 to sync your notes will need to stop relying on the service to sync or restore notes after new installations.
    It's a bummer, but the service is pretty well shut down. They do, however, suggest a few alternatives :

    there are some alternatives for syncing notes in Tomboy. We’re providing two suggestions below.

    1. Tomboy local backup
    Backup your notes to a local folder and sync that folder with Ubuntu One. Note, if you are syncing notes between multiple computers, there may be some issues that arise due to conflicts. Here is how to sync notes with Ubuntu One and Tomboy’s local folder sync setup:

    Open Tomboy and open the Preferences menu
    Click on the “Synchronization” tab
    Click the “Clear” button
    Select “Local Folder” from the “Service” drop down menu
    Select a folder to sync your notes to from the “Folder Path” menu
    Click the “Save” button
    Open the Ubuntu One Control Panel and click the “Add a folder from this computer” button under the “Folders” tab and select the folder you chose in step 5

    2. Rainy
    Timo Dörr created Rainy, a note synchronisation/cloud server for Tomboy that can be used like Ubuntu One’s notes sync service. Rainy is a more advanced option and requires access to a server. If you’re interested, get started here.!

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