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Thread: Unable to reinstall GRUB

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    Unable to reinstall GRUB

    I have installed Win 7 64 bit & Linux Mint 12, KDE 64 bit on a 1 TB disk & both were functioning normally.

    Thereafter, I have removed Win 7 & installed Win XP in its place.

    Now, as expected, I am able to log into win XP but not into Linux Mint because of lack of GRUB.

    When I am trying to reinstall GRUB via terminal, using a live Mint 12 DVD (the same one I have used to install), I'm getting the error message.

    I'm attaching the current partition table & the terminal error message.

    I did post this in Mint forums but they could not help me beyond this point.

    Expecting to get a solution here.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Unable to reinstall GRUB

    On searching in Google, it appears it's a bug.

    No solution except reinstall of linux?

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    Re: Unable to reinstall GRUB

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    Re: Unable to reinstall GRUB

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