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Thread: 12.04 update - Grub - keyboard and mouse freeze

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    12.04 update - Grub - keyboard and mouse freeze

    AMD 64 desktop machine with 12.04 running fine for the last 12 months
    Install upgrade from 11.10. - not dual boot
    Main hard drive 250G sda where the previous ubuntu versions are installed
    Second hard drive sdb 1T storage with most of my data

    Updates appeared on friday 31 May (did them on my AMD64 notebook)… I was away and on return did the updates to the desktop on Sunday 2 June
    Rebooted and it got stuck in Grub … it would not load ubuntu and froze the keyboard and mouse

    I tried to get acces from a live install pen … It ran from the pen

    I found Boot-repair and now have the machine up again … but ..
    It has done a new install on the sdb1T hard drive
    I cannot access the original sda information
    when it launches Grub … I cannot use keyboard or mouse (they freeze) to launch previous versions listed
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