I'm running into a little ordeal and I'm hoping the community can assist.

I'm attempting to dual boot Windows and UCE on the same machine.

I have just performed a clean install of Windows.

However, instead of the normal process where Ubuntu detects Windows and offers to run them side by side, Ubuntu is not detecting Windows and is asking me to either wipe my drive entirely clean, or something else, where I can specify how and where I wish to install Ubuntu.

Here's the details of my setup:

Hardware is VIA Artigo A1250 (see http://www.viaembedded.com/en/produc...ico-ITX).html). It's a cute little machine and will give me a lot of Windows and Ubuntu power in a tiny little box.

Hard drive is Samsung SSD 840 Series 500 GB.

Windows OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit (I have the ability to upgrade to 8 Pro if need be).

Ubuntu OS is UCE 12.04 LTS 64 Bit.

I created two partitions when installing Windows (basically splitting my drive in half).

Here's where the issue probably lies. My machine boots over EFI instead of a regular BIOS. So there's probably something I need to do to kick in the dual boot working with an EFI instead of a BIOS.

Here are screenshots of what I'm seeing at the Ubuntu installation (look at them from right to left, the order reversed when uploading them):

20130605_135044_Marwinette Pl_resized.jpg20130605_135019_Cornerstone Blvd_resized.jpg20130605_134958_Palos Verdes Dr_resized.jpg

Here's a picture of my EFI boot screen (when I boot up and hold down delete):

20130605_135256_Palos Verdes Dr_resized.jpg

I'd prefer to ditch dual booting and use virtualization, and while my processor supports hardware virtualization, the manufacturer hasn't fully baked it into the EFI, so I can only run VM's with a single processor at a time and very low video memory, which wouldn't do for my applications. I need Windows and Ubuntu to have the full power of the hardware.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!