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Thread: Using a tablet as a PC

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    Using a tablet as a PC

    Thought this might be of interest to the geeky among you.

    Broke my PC this week. Monitor, graphics card, motherboard, the works. All gawn. Dont have the money to replace right now, but do still have my little 7 inch tablet. Its a Yarvik Xenta 7 cheapy jobby. Has a quad core and nips along with browsing and office software perfectly fine. So, I grabbed my wirless keyboard and mouse, chucked in the HDMI cable, and got a cheap HDMI TV. The resolution from the tablet can scale up to 1920 x 1280 @ 60mhz.

    The keyboard is actually full size, its just not got any trim around it and no number pad so it looks tiny. Wouldnt mind grabbing a Raspberry Pi at some point, but the silly low power usage of a tablet and LED TV is economical enough for me to shift to using this full time.

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    Re: Using a tablet as a PC

    As tablets get more powerful, we'll probably see more of that. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes common to drop a phone or a tablet into a generic dock and get keyboard, mouse, LAN, etc.

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    Re: Using a tablet as a PC

    I've been using my tablet (Pendo Pad, aka Dodo Pad) as a media server Christmas 2012. I had to purchase a hdmi adaptor and lead, but it works perfectly for what I intended it for.

    It plays movies at a resolution up 1200 x 720, and if coded as such, can play 5.1 surround sound (but only when played through a home theatre sound system), but I prefer to use it to watch movies of 640 x 360 or less. I can also use the tablet to play movies from my 2 TB external hdd/media player set-up.

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    Re: Using a tablet as a PC

    That looks good... Ya, well I am also using my tab as my pc but didn't connected it with a television screen.. So got a new idea to use it. Thanks anyways...


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