I am battling a connection refused to localhost for a few days.

I installed ATTO ConfigTool (used with their RAID controllers) v4.1 on the latest Ubunto. I ran all the updates. The ATTO Config Tool works great when connecting to other computers on the network, but refuses to connect to local host.

If I say Networking | Find Host, and enter "localhost" (or and use port 7373 (the default that ATTO places in the Agent Port textbox field and press the find button, then I get:

The connection to ':7373'' refused. Please make sure the agent is running on that port, and that the port is not being blocked by the remove machine's firewall.

Everything is on the local machine and I just have the default installation of Ubunto with all the updates, the ATTO R608 driver, and the ATTO Configuration Tool v4.1 installed, nothing else, and everything default settings.

The service is fine and the driver installed nicely, so the problem is something to do with Ubunto Linux: